Top 10 Destinations for Studying Abroad for Indian Students in 2024

In the last two decades, Indian youth have become a firm believer in global mobility. This sentiment is reflected in every choice that the youngsters make, including their dream to study abroad. Approximately 1.3 million Indian students are studying abroad in various courses for the year 2022, as per the Ministry of External Affairs. Indian students aren’t shying away from seeking help from study-abroad consultants to make their dreams a reality. The number of Indian students studying abroad is expected to reach two million by 2025, according to ICEF Monitor. 

In the case of overseas education, 10 countries are winning the study abroad race. Allow me to shed light on which countries are leading the path of global education for Indian students. First, let’s start with the top 10 study abroad destinations for Indian students:

CountryNumber of Indian Students in 2023
United Arab Emirates219,000
United States211,930
United Kingdom139,539
New Zealand1,600

Now, let’s get to the details about Indian students and their dream overseas education destinations:

  1. Canada- The land of possibilities

In the post-pandemic world, Canada has become a haven for Indian students trying to study abroad. Study consultants around India have attested to this rise in the last two years. Canada offers a welcoming multicultural environment and high-quality education, making it increasingly popular among students. With over 640,000 international students enrolled, Canada has made significant investments in its education system, ensuring a globally recognized standard of learning. Studying in Canada for Indian students has been a popular choice for over a decade now. There are over 300,000 students from India living in Canada as of 2023.

  1. United Arab Emirates – The land of the future

When it comes to studying abroad, Indian students are looking at the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a preferred academic destination. Close to 219,000 Indian students are currently studying in the UAE and this number is expected to rise soon. There is substantial funding allocated to study abroad scholarships for a wide range of programs, which has helped Indian students immensely.

  1. United States- Educational excellence and diversity

With world-class educational institutions and a reputation for academic excellence, the United States continues to be a top destination for Indian students. Boasting over 5,000 colleges and universities, the U.S. offers a broad range of programs across various fields of study. As per the Open Doors 2023 report, the United States hosted over two hundred thousand Indian students during the 2022/2023 academic year. The numbers are expected to rise further in the upcoming years, the report suggested.

  1. United Kingdom – A long-standing reputation

Known for its historic and prestigious universities, the United Kingdom stands firm as a prime study-abroad destination. Studying in the UK is a popular choice for Indian students. The UK issued almost 500,000 sponsored study visas in 2023. Of these, approximately one-third were granted to Indian students, totaling 142,848 study visas as per an official report from the Home Office, Government of the UK.

  1. Australia- World-class education down under

Known for its laid-back lifestyle and natural beauty, Australia is becoming a preferred destination for Indian students. India is the second-largest source of international students in Australia. An official statement by the High Commission of India, Canberra, Australia revealed that 122,391 Indian students moved to Australia in 2023.

  1. France – A blend of culture and knowledge

Known for its emphasis on art, design, and culinary studies, France stands as an attractive option for students seeking a unique educational journey. Former French President Emmanuel Macron conveyed that France is willing to welcome 30,000 Indian students within its higher institutions by 2030. French diplomats believe that when an Indian student spends even just a semester in France, it creates a connection that ought to be fostered and cherished.

  1. Sweden – A hub for sustainability and equality

Sweden, known for its commitment to sustainable development and egalitarian society, provides a high standard of education and research opportunities. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Swedish universities attract students who share a passion for creating a better world. In an official statement, Per-Arne Wikström, from the Embassy of Sweden, shared, “We have 50,000 Indians living in Sweden at the moment. Indians are skilled at math and various sciences and hence we wish to attract more such talent to help aid the ongoing scientific work in our nation.”

  1. Germany- Affordable education 

Germany is renowned for its robust engineering and technical programs, attracting students from around the globe. With its focus on technological advancements and affordable or even no tuition fees in public universities, Germany has become an attractive choice for studying abroad. The number of Indian students in Germany has increased by 107% from 2019 to 2023. This translates to 42,578 Indian students in the country.

  1. New Zealand – Nature’s classroom

New Zealand’s breathtaking landscapes, warm hospitality, and world-class education make it an ideal choice for students seeking a holistic educational experience. As per Indian government data, around 1,600 Indians were pursuing studies in New Zealand in 2023. With a strong reputation for research and an emphasis on experiential learning, New Zealand provides a fresh perspective for international students. 

  1. Japan – The intersection of tradition and technology

Japan blends its illustrious history and technological advancements seamlessly, making it an exciting study destination. Renowned for its cutting-edge research facilities, high-tech industries, and unique cultural experiences, Japan offers a captivating educational journey to Indian students. While Japan records 1,302 Indian students admitted for higher education in 2023, the number is likely to increase in upcoming years.

Choosing the perfect study-abroad destination is a highly personal and subjective decision. However, with the insights provided above, these top 10 destinations for studying abroad in 2024 offer a stellar combination of academic excellence, cultural immersion, and incredible opportunities for personal growth. Study abroad consultants can be of great help in this venture. Consider your aspirations, interests, and career goals while exploring these study destinations to make the most informed decision and embark on a transformative educational journey.