Exploring on a Budget: Top Cheap Car Rental Riyadh Options

Riyadh is one of the largest and the most populated cities in the Middle East, with a population density of over 7 million individuals from different ethnic groups and backgrounds. The crime rate is also very low due to the extremely strict laws on perpetrators. If you are looking for a safe place to live or simply spend the holiday, then Riyadh is an excellent choice. 

Paying for a monthly car rental in Riyadh will not only save you time but also offer you the convenience and comfort you will not get in a public transport, so read further and discover how to get a cheap car rental in Riyadh.

Benefits of a cheap car rental in Riyadh

Opting for a monthly rent a car in Riyadh services offers several benefits, like cost effectiveness, convenience and flexibility, it also keeps you away from the overcrowding of the regular public transport system. Things like loss of property, theft, lack of space to relax which are very common in public transport will not apply to you when you have a monthly rental car in riyadh.  

Tips For Selecting a cheap car rental in Riyadh

  1. Compare Prices: Before doing your car rental in Riyadh it is important to first look for the best services in town and compare their prices. Check the number of services they offer and the price of each service, like entertainment, safety seats, gps, and wifi. Then select the option that offers more services for less price.
  2. Always book in advance: Booking a vehicle a week earlier offers you a chance to pay less, sometimes below average the price. It is also smart to book online to avoid standing in extremely long queues at the counter while your paperwork is being processed.
  3. Research: It is your duty to carry out your due research before selecting a cheap car rental in Riyadh. This is because many fake companies could pose as authentic and offer unreasonably cheap prices to lure you into giving away money. 
  4. Book cars within your budget Riyadh is a rich city filled with many luxury cars. If you are trying to cut budgets, do not be tempted by the pressure and book a car that will burn a hole in your pocket. 
  5. Search for discounts: Some companies offer discounts on their prices. Include in your research to find companies that have discounted prices on their rental prices.

Minimum Age For Monthly Rent a Car In Riyadh?

Several cars have different minimum ages, however, the least age to rent a car in Riyadh is 21 years. Nevertheless, you must have a driver’s license or an international driver’s permit from your home country if you are a traveler.

  1. If you’re looking where to rent a car in Riyadh, OneClickDrive is by far the best and most reliable car rental marketplace. The company has affiliations with reliable partners in Riyadh, featuring some of the most budget friendly car hire deals. With an extensive marketplace of over 2000 cars, your preferences cannot be missed. Check out OneClickDrive and hire your favorite car brand for the best budget-friendly price.
  2. Hertz: Hertz is a popular car rental and leasing company with branches located in various countries including Riyadh.
  3. Lumirental: This reputable company puts customer satisfaction at the forefront of their mission with their very durable cars. They have fairly new vehicles, none older than two years with effective customer service to attend to your needs.


While it is sometimes difficult to find cheap car rental in Riyadh, the above listed is organized to help you save time searching. 

Happy renting!